Tom Bryan


Keep Moving Forward

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Tom is a TV commercial director, cinematographer and all round story telling entrepreneur. For the past ten years he has directed many TV commercials, branded short form content, Party Political Broadcasts and TV development teasers.
Keep Moving Forward

Ruslan Pilyarov


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Ruslan joined Shark Biscuit in 2017 and has worked across a variety of productions and in development too. Originally from Russia, North Caucuses Ruslan Pilyarov is an up and coming documentary filmmaker based in Cardiff, Wales. He graduated from Newport University prestigious Documentary, Television and film School. Since graduating he has gone on to win awards for Best Short Documentary in Silicon Valley African Film Festival in San Francisco and International Film Festival, North Hollywood (LA) as a video editor. His latest credits include BBC Wales’s documentary ‘Cardiff: Living on the Streets’ and ‘Strangers in a Strange Land’. He has also created branded content for many corporate clients including BMW and BAFTA.
If it's not on camera then it never happened.

Daniel Norris

Camera Operator

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When not shooting party political broadcasts, TV development teasers and branded content for Shark Biscuit, Daniel can be found working on numerous indie films. Daniel has camera opped two feature films and a number of award-winning shorts.
If a picture tells a thousand words then a moving image must tell millions.

Prab Chadha

Online Producer

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Prab designs and executes content / digital marketing strategies for for the businesses and broadcast platforms that Shark Biscuit produces content for. Skilled at SEO/SEM, email, social media, and Google PPC campaigns we are able to really ensure that the content we produce reaches it's intended audience. Prab also delivers our inhouse social / content and digital marketing.
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