Viral Videos are becoming increasingly popular across social media and youtube, and can stretch to a mass audience, because of people sharing videos via these platforms to their friends and families. If you want your company advertised to the masses, then come to us. Our expert team of creative Biscuits collaborate together to create flamboyant, diverse, fresh ideas that will succeed in making your video viral. Combining this with our high standards for production and viral recipes, you can rest assured, we can publicise your company massively.

Every client wants their video to go viral; not only does this entail free distribution but, it creates a hype in the media. Viral Videos are concocted through a mixed blend of: creativity, strategic planning and, most of all, the response of the audience. In order to get a high response from your audience, the video would need to spark a strong reaction from your viewers. That would make them feel the need to share it with others. This can be accomplished by: either creating a video in keeping with current trends; a fail video (people doing something completely wrong), or a cute video (Kittens/Puppies/Babies). This will create interest that will be shared across the audiences’ social media; which in turn gives you free distribution.

Shark Biscuit have an edge when it comes to viral video production, as we believe we have the ultimate viral recipe: we are a quick, hard working, small and friendly team, that can ensure a fast delivery to keep with current trends, Rest assured that you will have all of our undivided attention. Above all, Shark Biscuit understand the skills and creative minds needed to make a viral video a success. If you would like to get in touch to discuss this further, then please give us a call on 02920 099881. We would love to share our creative possibilities with you over a coffee.