Direct Nursing Services viral video

VIRAL: Video Production

Viral video is video entertainment that encourages and inspires the viewer to share with others in their social network.

Viral marketing can be such a hugely successful way of cost effectively selling your brands message.

Accurately seeded online it is a fast and cost effective method of marketing which businesses, charities and artists are using more and more.

Shark Biscuit have helped our clients produce imaginative and inspiring viral videos as part of many successful on line campaign.

We love generating great ideas, and videos that go viral are  always born from great ideas. Shark Biscuit know that a great idea is a necessity and is at the heart of everything we produce.

Seeding is also a very important facet of making a video go viral. Shark Biscuit ensure that the right people with the right social networks are watching the video and then sharing the video. Shark Biscuit fuse the right editorial with paid for advertising.