Maxx Media
Promotional Film

Shark Biscuit were commissioned to produce a promotional film for Maxx Media showcasing their smart digital screens. The digital screens are located in Cardiff, Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton. To show the daily footfall that passes the screens we filmed timelapse from dawn to dusk for each location. We then superimposed in real time over the footage the adverts that featured ...

Welsh Labour
BBC, S4C & ITV Party Political Broadcast

SHARK BISCUIT: Labour Wales Political Broadcast 2016 from Shark Biscuit Productions on Vimeo. Shark Biscuit were most happy to take on the challenge of producing a party political broadcast for Welsh Labour. The broadcast was to be a proud celebration of Wales and of all the positive policies that they have initiated since being in their latest term of government. ...
Snack Bar Promotional Film banner

Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar
ITV Player Commercial

An integrated marketing campaign for the Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar. We were tasked with selling their breakfast promotions as they want to take a local market share from Greggs and McDonalds. We believe that the Caerphilly Mountain Breakfast deals present better value as they have a superior product. This is what we wanted to communicate to our potential new customers within the local ...
Sofa Sofa aerial banner

Sofa Sofa
Promotional Film

SHARK BISCUIT: Sofa Sofa Promotional video from Shark Biscuit Productions on Vimeo.Shark Biscuit were tasked with producing a promotional video for Sofa Sofa to show the traditional methods and craftsmanship that goes into every Sofa. This video tells the story of how a Sofa is made from the initial fundamental designs to the frame making, sewing and upholstery. We showcased ...
Llaeth Y Llan commercial banner

The Village Dairy
ITV & ITV Player Commercial

The Village Dairy : Llaeth Y Llan 'Our Story' from Shark Biscuit Productions on Vimeo.Shark Biscuit relish every opportunity to work with the Village Dairy and fortunately for us they have been a regular client for many years. Shark Biscuit were tasked with producing a TV commercial to celebrate the arrival of their newly branded yogurt pots Using 3D graphics ...
Direct Nursing Services banner

Direct Nursing Services
ITV Player Commercial

DIRECT NURSING SERVICES TV COMMERCIAL 2015 This is Shark Biscuit's second ITV commercial for Direct Nursing Services. Our first commercial for the company is featured below and was a direct call to action communicated through motion graphics and stock imagery. Through it's successful R.O.I and almost overwhelming response DNS decided that they would look to develop their brand as well ...
Arson Awareness banner

Arson Awareness
Cinema Commercial

ARSON AWARENESS SOUTH WALES FIRE SERVICE VIDEO PROMOTION Working along side the South Wales Fire Service, Shark Biscuit created a short film that would raise awareness for the crime of arson and the dangers of setting fires. Through the use of live action footage, visual effects and motion graphics Shark Biscuit produced ‘Look at me Now’, which tells the story ...
Secure Law banner

Secure Law
Sky TV AdSmart Commercial

SHARK BISCUIT: Secure Law Commercial from Shark Biscuit Productions on Vimeo. Shark Biscuit Productions recently produced a commercial highlighting awareness, and seeking out victims of medical negligence for Secure Law. It was a live action commercial that centred itself around the notion of family and how that within the family it is generally the mother that holds everything together. We ...
Shark Biscuit City Jet TV commercial

City Jet
Sky TV & S4C Commercial

SHARK BISCUIT: City Jet Commercial from Shark Biscuit Productions on Vimeo. Shark Biscuit were approached by Cardiff Airport to produce a commercial for one of their new carriers City Jet. The purpose of the commercial was to announce the airlines arrival to Wales & to inform people of the four destinations that they fly to. This had to be achieved ...