Llaeth Y Llan commercial banner

The Village Dairy
ITV & ITV Player Commercial

The Village Dairy : Llaeth Y Llan 'Our Story' from Shark Biscuit Productions on Vimeo.Shark Biscuit relish every opportunity to work with the Village Dairy and fortunately for us they have been a regular client for many years. Shark Biscuit were tasked with producing a TV commercial to celebrate the arrival of their newly branded yogurt pots Using 3D graphics ...
Secure Law banner

Secure Law
Sky TV AdSmart Commercial

SHARK BISCUIT: Secure Law Commercial from Shark Biscuit Productions on Vimeo. Shark Biscuit Productions recently produced a commercial highlighting awareness, and seeking out victims of medical negligence for Secure Law. It was a live action commercial that centred itself around the notion of family and how that within the family it is generally the mother that holds everything together. We ...
Shark Biscuit Kebelo Promotional Video Poster

Kebelo System ‘Advantage’
100 Days Of Beautiful hair

In total we produced two videos for Kebelo. The first video served as a promotional introduction to their innovative advantage treatment, which, is currently the most advanced anti-frizz formula hair care product available on the market. Cutting between the interview with Kebelo’s artistic director, and the candid shots of the models, and production team, we were able to highlight Kebelo’s ...
Shark Biscuit The Diamond Centre Of Wales Promotional Video Poster

Diamond Centre Wales
Online Video & Billboard Campaign

Shark Biscuit produced a new brand campaign that is centred on the theme of Sirens. A Siren is a beautiful, charming, empowered woman, who can beguile and dominate a man with ease. The concept of a Siren has great versatility and presents a fantastic opportunity to produce for the Diamond Centre of Wales a striking signature look that will let ...
Daniel Field Hair Care Promotional Video Poster

Daniel Field Hair Care
Protein Color & Lights Commercial

Shark Biscuit Productions are pleased to have finished a series of commercials to be aired on QVC for Daniel Fields Protein Colours, and Protein Lights. The brief was to create natural beauty that echoed the value of the product that we were trying to sell. Shark Biscuit chose to shoot in the Victorian Bank based on Bute Street, the building ...
SBP Discount Tyres

Discount Tyres
S4C TV Commercial (Rugby Sponsorship)

Shark Biscuit Productions were asked to produce 3 commercials for Discount Tyres upcoming S4C Rugby Sponsorship. The Shark Biscuit response was to produce a celebration of rugby and to highlight the positive parallels that are shared between the game and Discount Tyres. Each commercials narrative centres itself around one of the positive connotations. Knowing our target audience we ensured that ...
White Gallery Bridal Fair Promotional Video Poster

White Gallery Couture Bridal Fair
Online Promotion & Catwalk Highlights

Shark Biscuit Productions were asked to provide event coverage for the White Gallery Wedding fair in the Saatchi Gallery London. We had a crew of three camera operators on hand to ensure we would obtain full coverage. Shark Biscuit were able to film all the designers on the catwalks, and then to deliver individual video’s of each designers collection post ...
Credit Unions Commercial

Credit Unions Of Wales
ITV Wales Commercial

Shark Biscuit were given the opportunity to produce an animated commercial for the Credit Unions of Wales. This was special for Shark Biscuit Productions as it was was our landmark, tenth commercial. The commercial consists of 2d stylized characters. The colors are bright and vivid and the characters have been given (we hope) a cute appearance. We created the commercial ...