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SHARK BISCUIT: Secure Law Commercial

Shark Biscuit Productions have recently produced a commercial on medical negligence for Secure Law. The commercial was aired on Sky TV & Ad Smart. With the voice over being performed by Connie Fisher. This was a unique challenge for Shark Biscuit because of the sensitive nature of having to advertise medical negligence. Suffering post operation, internal organ prolapse and hip replacement patients  were the people that we were looking to communicate to.

The platform to find this audience was through the relatively new advertising channel that is Sky Ad Smart. Due to the knowledge that Sky Ad Smart has on their customers they are able to target the commercial at the correct age range, sex, and demographic.

The commercial highlights the strength that a mother, the patriarchal head of a family has as she knits and holds domestic life together, ensuring that all her family members have everything in order to start there day. The commercial also raises the question of who holds the mother and looks after the mother when she is so busy looking after everyone else. The commercial  opens with a morning scene as the husband ready’s himself to start work and the children to get to school.  She is in obvious pain but is putting on a brave face in order to not worry and burden her family. As soon as her family leave the home they are able to share a private, intimate moment with the mother as she buckles and grimaces under the pain and depression that she is suffering as a result of her internal organ prolapse operation.

We then introduce positivity and hope into the commercial by introducing our lawyer from Secure Law. She enters and consoles the mother, demonstrating that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that the situation can be put right and that she need not suffer in silence alone. The Secure Law lawyer leaves the mother feeling more optimistic and upbeat.

We then see the mother a few months in the future, she looks happy, content and at ease with her family. The scene insinuates that Secure Law have done their job and have been able to really make a difference and get her the support that she deserves.

The commercial was shot on the Canon 5D with prime lenses. We wanted the commercial to have seamless and smooth motion so we employed the use of tracks and a slider. In nearly every shot of the commercial their is subtle movement. The commercial was shot over one full day with three weeks of post production.

Shark Biscuit have a passion for producing cost effective TV commercials and promotional videos. We would love to speak with you should you be considering having a video produced that sells your product or service.




Team Shark Biscuit.