DROWNING AWARENESS: South Wales Fire Service.

Shark Biscuit are fortunate and most pleased to have been commissioned by the South Wales Fire Service to produce a promotional video for there Drowning Awareness Week. The purpose of the video is to make people aware of how dangerous large bodies of water can be and how vulnerable we can be when we are in close proximity to them, especially after we have consumed units of alcohol.

The creative of the promotional video is to show a young male that has been out drinking after work, he leaves the bar very drunk with his friends and decides not to get a lift in the taxi home with them and to walk instead. His walk home takes him along the river Taff, into the middle of Cardiff city centre, he reaches the Millennium Stadium Embankment whereupon he decides to walk down the slipway in order to urinate in the river, as he gets close to the edge he stumbles and falls in.

He is then rescued minutes later by the South Wales Fire Service Water Rescue boat as we see the fireman’s hand reach out to grab his we cut back in time to the taxi scene an hour earlier and cut to the friend grabbing his hand stopping him from walking home.

The question is then left to the viewer to decide wether he walked home and fell in the river, or got the taxi home safely and survived.

The style Shark Biscuit are looking to replicate for the promotional video is taken from the iconic music video by Aha ‘Take On Me’ Shark Biscuit are looking to have a simillar level of emphasis on the interplay around the hand pulling the protagonist into or out of the animated world.

For our version we are intend to let it play out in reverse. We will start the promotion in the fantasy sketched comic book world and as the fireman grabs our drowned protagonist by the hand to pull him out onto the Fire boat we will then transition to live action. The aim of doing this is to show the harshness of the reality and how precarious the situation is juxtaposed to how rosy and warm the protagonist was feeling when he was drunk.

The promotional video will be aired across all of the South Wales Fire Service’s social media.