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Shark Biscuit would love to collaborate with individuals and other production companies on exciting new projects.
If you are an individual or creative company that has a fantastic TV concept then we would love you to get in touch with our TV development team by using the contact form to the side. The TV development team will aim to get back to you on your TV concept within 24 hours.

Shark Biscuit believe a great ‘TV Concept‘ idea is one that where you just get it within a couple of great sentences. Sometimes we get ideas for TV programs that are similar to our own Shark Biscuit Highline TV Concept brochure, sometimes we receive concepts that have already been made and aired in other countries, if this is the case we will tell you straight away. If we still love the idea we will work with you to take it in a direction that we believe will work.

Using the contact box we would like you to send us a brief synopsis of your idea. A few paragraphs should be the maximum length that you submit

There are a few points to consider when submitting your idea that will give it the best possible opportunity to succeed. – Which broadcaster would this piece work best on? – What time and what days do you see it being broadcast? Is the idea part of a bigger collective of ideas?  Could the idea be a series and what would the duration be? Who would watch your programme?  and most importantly… Why should this programme be made now?

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