DNS Billboard Advertising
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INTEGRATED MARKETING: Direct Nursing Services.

Shark Biscuit are not just a video production company. We are able to look after all aspects of your marketing as a full service agency. Direct Nursing Services is one company that appointed us to do just that for. Over the past 6 months we have helped DNS grow their business and their brand as they have moved into a ...

DROWNING AWARENESS: South Wales Fire Service.

Shark Biscuit are fortunate and most pleased to have been commissioned by the South Wales Fire Service to produce a promotional video for there Drowning Awareness Week. The purpose of the video is to make people aware of how dangerous large bodies of water can be and how vulnerable we can be when we are in close proximity to them, …

Watergate Bay concept banner


The details of any web promo video production or TV commercial will depend on numerous things, your industry, brand voice and target audience. That being said there are some tried and tested methods that stand the test of time, and have become part of human language that work really well. Online video consumers are continuing to become their own unique ...