Shark Biscuit now has the capacity to be the UK’s leading supplier of Aerial Drone footage for the film, TV commercial and TV production industry. Shark Biscuit use the latest in drone technology to shoot stable ultra HD 4K film.
Currently Shark Biscuit have three different drones at our disposal, each one geared towards achieving the perfect cinematic shots.

This means that Shark Biscuit will always have the right equipment to shoot your film in the most epic and brilliant way possible, no matter the scenario.

Shark Biscuit fly our drones lower, faster, closer and longer.

The drones are a real game changer for the film, TV, and promotional film industry. The drones have up to 8 propellers, which allows for complete control, creating a smooth fluid motion that you could expect from a camera crane or jib.

Using these drones means that Shark Biscuit can cost effectively offer a whole new range of camera shots and angles to our clients that previously could have only been achieved with Hollywood budgets. Low flying pursuit shots at full speed are our personal favourite.

A great reason to use Shark Biscuit for your aerial drone shots is because at we are not just drone operators, we are also creative directors. Creative directors that can advise on what shot and execution will work best to sell your brand or service or tell your story. Shark Biscuit are regularly producing great content for TV broadcast, that may be TV Commercial or TV production, teasers and pilots.
Shark Biscuit are confident that you will be so impressed by the endless creative possibilities that we can offer with this kit.
We love discussing and showing examples of previous shots to clients to ensure that we shoot the most epic shots we possibly can for them.

Safety on set is of paramount concern to Shark Biscuit. A risk assessment is carried out before every shoot we attend, permissions are always checked. Shark Biscuit are fully insured with public liability and other insurances. Shark Biscuit adhere to all safety procedures in order to protect the public, the client and our film crew. Our camera drone operators are fully licensed and have all earned CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approval.

Whatever the nature of the project Shark Biscuit will deliver a sensational sequence of stunning broadcast quality raw footage, or a finished packaged TV production, commercial of promotional film.