Aerial Drone Filming Cardiff


Shark Biscuit have recently added the capacity of aerial drone cinematography to our portfolio of stunning shots.
As you can imagine we have been incredibly excited to start using the heavy lift drone for our corporate promotional videos and TV commercials.
Our first opportunity to do so was on our latest promotional video for Sofa Sofa.
Sofa Sofa wanted an establishing shot that would wow the viewer, grab there attention and connote the logistic and delivery capacity that they have in place.

The drone was able to get this for us. Out of the three octocopters we used the heavy duty aerial rig which is built to be as sturdy and reliable as possible. This drone is fantastic as it is able to cope with light to moderate cross winds. On the drone we placed the Canon 5D with an infinite zoom.
Close to the ground, faster and flying tighter was the cinematic direction for the video.
By closing off the road we were really able to control the environment and take the time to achieve the low flying pursuit shots that you will see in the final video.