Who are we?

Shark Biscuit are a bold creative company who’s mission is to make the world a better place by creating great ideas that change perspectives.

Shark Biscuit has evolved by delivering one great idea at a time to forward thinking businesses who want to be true to their origins, yet stay current with market trends. A grounded approach coupled with our passion to push the boundaries enables us to break through the roof of the status quo without getting lost in orbit.

Our studio has been developed to be a fresh creative media environment allowing us to approach problems from new angles and channel your objectives through big ideas. Last but not least we have the tech and know how to spread your message rapidly to your customers across a number of media channels.

So what?

Let’s put it this way: Shark Biscuit are new-school, passionate, and extremely motivated. Our clear work methods, dedication to our customers and devotion to creating outstanding marketing means that If you have an idea we make it better, if you don’t have an idea we’ll give you one. We offer a flexible, multi platform, approach which means every piece of marketing material that we produce reaches the widest possible audience with a focused message. From our extensive experience this is the fastest combination to realise your return on investment.

Who are we a good fit for?

People who want to improve their profit margin by rewarding their customers with new exciting marketing.

Who are we a bad fit for?

People whose only concern is to buy cheap and hope the results will come simply because they have bought some marketing.

I like it, but you’re Cardiff based, is that a bit limiting?

Shark Biscuit is one of the leading creative media agencies in Cardiff, just because we’re based there, doesn’t mean that we only work with local clients.

We are able to work with clients across the UK and are chosen by companies from West Wales to London because we only employ the best editors, colourists, dubbing mixers and designers bringing a wealth of experience together with strong ideas, ensuring that every project that we work on meets our high standards.

Anyone can say that, though?

True, but we mean it.

Prove it.

Take a look at our clients and have a look through our portfolio.